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Shared Helicopter Airport Transfers - Pay by the seat, Not by the helicopter!

Whitetracks Helicopters specialise in helicopter airport transfers to and from all the major airports, not so major airfields and ski resorts across the French Alps, Switzerland, Italy and Austria as well as transfer flights to/from all the airports and cities such as Nice, Cannes and Monaco in the French Riveria.

Whitetracks Helicopters work with all the different helicopter companies across the French alps, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria. This allows Whitetracks Helicopters to bring you not only; the widest choice of the different types of helicopters available; small, comfortable, single engine or large, luxurious and twin! but also allows Whitetracks Helicopters to provide our clients with the least expensive helicopter transfer for the type of helicopter that they - you! have ultimately decided to travel in.

Shared Helicopter Airport Transfers - FRENCH INFO | SWISS INFO | LISTINGS
Only one, two or three of you! Why don't you save money on a private helicopter by sharing with other people? Shared helicopter airport transfers to and from all the ski resorts across the French Alps, Switzerland, Italy and Austria. - FRENCH INFORMATION | SWISS INFORMATION | LISTINGS

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